Company Profile: The Right Solution!

Pro Rep Solutions, Inc. 
Manufacturers' Representatives

  • Pro Rep Solutions, Inc., was formed in 2008 by experienced sales people who wanted the freedom and flexibility to excel as a team and perform at a higher level. Our goal is not to create layers within our own company but to work as a sales team devoted to our partner's bottom lines which leads to everyone's success.

  • We are Manufacturers' representatives covering the State of Florida and some offshore. We serve as an extension to the sales executives of each manufacturer we represent. We have many years of sales experience in the Sunshine State, and our customer relationships are exceptional. Some of us have covered this territory since the mid 1980's. 

  • You will find that we have a strong work ethic and high standards of integrity, honesty and trust.

  • Throughout our team, we have experience selling a wide variety of product lines in the high tech electrical, mechanical and fabricated components industries.

  • Our Principals know we have the experience and knowledge to place their products. Our customers can rely on us to bring only the best products to fit their design requirements. We concentrate on our customers' engineering departments to gain acceptance of products and to insure the involvement of our principals in future programs. We rely on our contact with purchasing departments to assure we receive every opportunity for our principals.

  • We are excited to expand our lines to meet our customer's needs and are always looking for new opportunities. The Pro Rep team recognizes that you are outsourcing your sales program to us and we take this responsibility seriously.

  •  For product representation, call Rick Morin or email us to see how we can help you.